The Scientist, The Mage, The Zen Priest And The Psychic


There is no difference between a competent psychic and a competent scientist, mage, or zen priest. A skillful psychic finds, uses and integrates many perspectives.

However, as far as stereotypes go, there are differences we can look deeper into.

The stereotype of the psychic is someone who is good at receiving outside information, but is also a bit of an airhead. Such a psychic's problem is integrating the information received and using it adequately.

The stereotype of the scientist is someone who is down to earth, trusting only the physical senses and unmoving logic. Such a scientist's problem is getting stuck in the logic of a divided world and being unable to see beyond it.

The stereotype of the mage is someone who uses fiery imagination within one's awareness. Such a mage's problem is the burning ego of no balance.

The stereotype of the zen priest is someone who flows like water with the basic reality at all times. Such a zen priest's problem is the unableness to formulate anything.

A skillful psychic does everything to integrate many views.

Such a person studies the perspective of the stereotypical psychic, but also:

- uses logic to analyze and formulate, and cast away nonsense
- uses imagination and internal structures of awareness to avoid being only on the receiving end of things
- manifest no resistance to the world when decides not to do so, and makes a stand when decides to do so

Being a psychic is a label, usually denoting which stereotypical path you are following.

To be a good psychic, instead of being stuck in a stereotype, you will create your unique blend of perspectives.


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