Perspective - The Main Tool Of The Psychic


A psychic's perception can be described as a continuous interrelated vast multitude of perspectives streaming through the psychic's awareness. (I'll clarify this way of looking at thing shortly.)

What is 'perspective'?

We do have an intuitive understanding of perspective from our everyday lives: it's whether you look at an object from the front, side, above or another vantage point. We may observe the object from many various angles and distances, in hope that we find out more about the observed object every time we take a look at it.

The vantage point we choose determines our perspective, but everything else stays pretty much the same.

In the metaphysical world the psychic operates in, perspective is much more powerful. Why?

It can be said that the world is created at the intersection of perspectives, the flow of which ultimately create the form we can observe with our eyes.

That would mean that when a psychic looks at an object, it develops a relationship, and that relationship changes both the observed and the observer.

The psychic's sight not only perceives - it also creates!


The difference between a master psychic and the rest of us mortals is the ability to choose the right perspective for the situation at hand.

Instead of desperately clinging to a few perspectives in our lives, it is often better to use 'perspective management' so we can remain flexible and continuously make the right decisions as elegantly as possible.


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