A Simple Exercise To Become Psychic


There is one exercise to improve your psychic perception simple enough that you can do it right away, yet deep enough that it will last pretty much all the way on your journey to become psychic. Here's the essence of the exercise:

Observe people around you and try to find out what makes them tick.

Here are some questions you may ask yourself to get you started:

- What is she thinking?
- How is she thinking?
- What is she feeling?
- How is she feeling?
- How does she behave?
- Why does she behave that way?
- What will she think next?
- What will she feel next?
- How will she behave next?

Expand this list at your leisure with questions you find interesting.

If your answer to some of these questions is "I don't know", that's okay, make a guess. Or make several guesses. Remember, this is an exercise and not about getting it right.

When you try to guess the thoughts, don't try to guess the verbalization of thoughts at any particular moment. It is more important to try to see how the thoughts flow into each other and in what context.

What is the purpose of this exercise?

When you observe people, you will make some realizations about them. You will see how they do things and why. Understanding these things will establish a relationship with them and in this process you also find out more about yourself.

Plus, you get to add to your own arsenal of potential ways of thought, feeling and behavior, thus you have more options to choose from while continuously creating yourself.

Why other people and not something else?

Generally, you profit from all kinds of observations. The most important object of observation is yourself.

However, when starting out, many people lie to themselves at some point without clearly knowing how or why. Other people are sufficiently similar to yourself to make observations you can also apply to yourself, yet sufficiently distant that you can detach yourself from what you observe.

This way your progress is continuous and steady.

It is probable that when you start out, you say "I don't know" many times and even have the feeling that you might never have a good grasp of thing. That's okay too, just don't let that feeling discourage you.

As you keep at this exercise, you will find that the time between asking the question and finding the answer ever shortens and shortens.

What once took days to find out with your conscious mind, now takes a few seconds thanks to the improved interaction between you conscious and unconscious awareness.

The observations you make help you to maintain a clearer state of being, which in turn allows you to absorb information in a 'rush' of perspectives.

Psychic perception stems from common sense. Keep at it and apply what you find!


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