Fear - The Enemy Of The Psychic


Fear is the greatest enemy of the psychic; it impairs psychic vision.

If the obstruction in the flow of perspectives is not corrected at once, the flow will just avoid the obstacle and bend around it. Once the flow has abandoned it's clear path, it creates more objects of fear, more obstacles that it avoids, and this creates further distortions in psychic vision.

It is a vicious circle. Many by default exist in this state fearfulness, lethargy and depression, unable to find a solution.

It is imperative for a psychic to continually check and recheck his/her own integrity, for even the slightest blank spot may throw one off balance at a critical time.

This is the point in the path of the psychic where one can decide to become a psychic healing specialist. It is not really a branch in the path, rather a choice of which perspective gets priority - healing or perception.

Exorcising fear and recreating one's healthy self is a must know for any psychic, but as far as others are concerned, you have a choice as to which degree to interfere. (Make no mistake, you are already interfering with your very presence. So it should be.)

How do you fight fear?

You don't. You accept it. You accept the possibility of worst possible outcome and move on. Once again, putting things in the proper perspective helps:

This is your life. You have not only a choice, but also a responsibility to yourself to live your life as you see fit. You are the Love that makes all things exist.

Be strong and be fearless in the clarity of your psychic vision.


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