Psychic Prediction


The art of psychic prediction isn't all that unusual. We make so many predictions all the time that most of it doesn't even enter our awareness. For example, if you let go of an object you are holding in your hand, it will fall to the ground. Obvious, isn't it?

To make psychic predictions which are more complex, the same basic principles apply - we just have to pay more attention to them consciously.

Beyond the basic skills of observing and integrating the information you have gained from observing into yourself, there are several approaches we can use for psychic predictions.

As the whole world and the people in it are in constant motion, there is a certain inertia to it: if we are heading in one direction, we are likely to keep going in that direction in the future as well. Practicing observational skills will tell us through what states this direction will take us through.

By learning how things work, we learn about their inner structures and their feedback mechanisms. If we see through these feedback mechanisms clearly, we are able to say how they change the direction and force of inertia through time.

As long as the structure we observe does not collapse due to more change than it can handle, we can be able to make accurate predictions about it.

It also useful to identify which states of being are balanced and stable, and which are unbalanced and unstable. Depending on the timeframe in which we observe, stable states last longer and are more likely as an end result, whereas unstable states do no last and change quickly.

So far this explanation sounds like more about scientific prediction rather than psychic prediction. Indeed, they have very much in common.

The difference between scientific prediction and psychic prediction is that the scientist tries to stay objective and distance himself from his theories as much as possible, while the psychic does her best to do the exact opposite - to consciously live and breathe these processes as one.


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