The Blind Spot Of Prediction


To put it bluntly, the blind spot of prediction is that time as we know it doesn't exist.

The psychic looks deeper, beyond the breaking point of artificial structures such as the viewpoint of linear time. The psychic sees the twirling motion of states of being interacting in oneness in the eternally changing Now.

Some of the insight obtained from this depth can be communicated to persons who confine themselves within the linear view of time (so such a communication becomes 'prediction'), but it usually comes at a great cost of accuracy.

Choice is a cornerstone of existence. Things change depending on how you choose to look upon them.

People often forget that the world is not simply a collection of predetermined moving parts, and that the continuous grand choice they embody plays creates the world too.

The danger for competent prescience specialist psychics is to intensely create the world they predict, even if it is not the world they would like to see coming into existence. Clutch the universe tightly - and the universe will clutch you tightly.

The universe fits together at the intersection of many viewpoints, some of which we call 'time'.

We rarely visit that place of creation at the conscious level, so things like 'structure', 'form', 'inertia' can come to be, and using these we can shape predictions.

Due to extreme force or instability these things can collapse, at which time the point of creation (which supersedes the notion of 'time') is revisited - and the viewpoints that manifest the world may take a new direction. This happens every moment.

This is the breath of life - and the blind spot of prediction.


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