Origins Of Psychic Powers


The universe is just there.

Whatever we think about it and whatever we think about ourselves is just our own creation.

To children, the universe is a magical place where everything is possible. As they grow older, they learn what is allowed and what is not; what is possible and what is not. Much of their unique approach and personality is overwritten by 'normality' - the reality of the human collective consciousness.

Later in life, normality is broken only on rare occasions such as near death situations.

Everything is possible.

One who maintains and actively cultivates awareness of that fact - gains power.

By aligning oneself more closely to the desired possibility, that power is manifested and the possibility solidified; it becomes more real.

With the turns humanity has taken, the psychic power we excel at most is the power of rational thought.

From rational thought we have built the advanced superstition called 'science', from which we have manifested the form of magic called 'technology'.

(It is somewhat unfortunate that we prefer rational thought to the detriment of everything else.)

In conclusion, here are the three steps to manifesting psychic powers:

1. Break down normality.
2. Use imagination.
3. Align possibility with reality.


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