Use Of Psychic Powers


I'll make the assumption that you, the reader, are an individual who has embraced the normality of our collective human existence.

If you are a child who has not (yet) done so, I'll give you one advice: Don't accept the terminal authority of others telling you how things are - use your own creative truth!

We exist in a universe that is beyond definition. Instead of looking at this as a problem, look at it as an opportunity and use it to your advantage.

Answers and form are dangerous, yet they determine the shape of the context we, as individuals, can define ourselves and introduce relations to this universe.

If the normality, the matrix of our reality is strict, we have less access to psychic powers.

Psychic powers are used by creating an overlay on the basic, undefined nature of the universe. We choose our views and relations, and thus determine ourselves, our surroundings and also our capabilities.

If you choose an allowing view, your psychic powers will abound. If you choose a restrictive view, you decline them to yourself.

To advance from the starting position of normality, we can make comparisons from that which we experience and extra- and interpolate from there.

For example, if we know the physical body is sustained by the circulation of blood, we can make the assumption that there is also a circulation of spiritual energy that sustains the body.

Through clarity and creative truth (or through trial and error) we can align ourselves with such a possibility, and explore how we could use such an idea and theory. So, we could create a psychic/medical system like 'acupuncture'.

Science as we know it also has such a view it is based on; that of a lifeless machine that can be externally and objectively observed and experimented with.

Opposed to the psychic power of rational thought and science (where identity is strict), other forms of psychic powers emerge if we allow identity (ego, self, personality) to be more fluid and moldable.

Who you are and the perspective you take define the nature of your psychic powers.


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