Psychic Powers And Imagination


To use a psychic power, you have to break down normality, reach the undefined infinity of the universe, and recreate a new normality.

This is the pulse, the breath of the universe. This is how time flows from one moment to the next.

To use a psychic power, recognize that you are not doing something outside of yourself - you too are part of this world. You are psychic by your very nature; it is impossible for you not to be.

How shall you choose your perspective? How will you use your imagination? What kind of reality matrix will you accept?

If your view of the world doesn't work to your satisfaction - change it. Your view is only that; an illusion, a fiction you choose to impose on the boundless infinity of the universe.

Your imagination and how well can you identify with what you imagine create your reality. This is your psychic power.

To manifest a specific psychic power, choose a view that supports it. Once you have chosen your view, let the world embrace that view and provide you with the possibilities it creates.

Choose. Compare. Change. Love. Manifest. Relate. Enjoy. Be. Think. Feel.

You have many tools at your disposal - use them.


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