The View Of Normality


The collective view of normality is composed by a mish-mash of cultural superstition, scientific superstition, and religious superstition.

On top all this, the individual view of normality is formed by individual beliefs, preferences, conscious and sub-conscious forms of impression and expression.

For practical purposes, normality is the default state of operation. (Don't confuse it with natural or healthy states - it's usually the opposite.)

The collective view of normality is sustained by the framework of collective consciousness.

To operate with 'super-normal' psychic powers, it is necessary to understand not only how a particular employed view works, but also how it relates to the context created by the view of normality.

Everything that works is pretty much based on the placebo effect: it works because we believe it does - we have created the view/context, our identities in relation to it, and manifested the specific reality.

Don't take the view of normality for granted; it is not unquestionable reality. Learn to mold it and work with it.

If you do, plentiful choices present themselves to you and you have developed a strong basis for further operation.


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