The Discrete Machine


The prevalent view today (the view of normality) is the view of the discrete machine.

To obtain any kind of psychic power besides the power of rational thought, one has to be able to use and break the view of the discrete machine with intimate efficiency.

What is the view of the discrete machine?

This view looks upon the world as it were a giant clockwork: there are clearly defined and separate parts, all operating under clearly defined rules. (Even if those parts or rules are unknown to us.)

This kind of view can be and is many times very useful.

Both the advantages and disadvantages of the view of the discrete machine lie in its simplisticness.

If we do not wish to greater depths, its simplistic nature becomes simple nature. Why use a sledgehammer when all you need is a toothpick?

This view allows us that the object observed is separate from us and not influenced by our actions (very important), and thus create objectiveness: Let things 'click' away on their own, persistently and determinably.

Things work on their own, regardless of who we are.

The disadvantage of the clockwork view is that if we forget it is a view of our own creation, it may swallow us up whole and it may become a prison for our psychic development.

Also, when simplisticness is no longer simplicity, the view of the discrete machine no longer offers any advantage.

Learn how to use this view and learn how to break it.


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