The Holistic Machine


The view of the holistic machine (or holistic organism) combines the views of the discrete machine and the flow, trying to balance and coalesce the best of both.

How does the view of the holistic machine works?

We start out with the view of the flow and its inherent Oneness and motion. Then we focus on chosen currents and draw them from the background of the flow.

When these chosen currents are visible enough, we have created the elements/aspects/parts of our holistic machine. If we have chosen the currents with care, and what has emerged interacts in a harmonious and balanced way (resembling the unity of the flow), we can operate these major aspects in a more procedural and machine-like way.

The most prominent examples employing the view of the holistic machine are astrology (with the twelve planets of the horoscope) and western systems of magic in general (with their symbols, letters, cards and sephiroths).

There are advantages to this view: it lays out a semi-persistent and semi-objective view. Once the system/view is created, others can use it too with less initial difficulty, and make their psychic progress through the symbolism of the view employed.

The disadvantages become apparent when the symbolism becomes too overwhelming and imprisoning, and the user distances his/her identity from the view employed. (For example, you know this is the case when someone blames their misfortune on the planets.)

The view of the holistic machine functions by helping the user project out symbols, which then can be observed and operated externally.

As with all psychic views, the view of the holistic machine is only an overlay of one's mind/identity over the deeper nature of the universe - not the hard laws of the universe itself.

Users of such views should be continuously aware of this potential fallacy.

Luck favors the prepared; so it is with psychic powers.


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