The Flow


The flow is the most direct view; it is the view of applied unification. Whereas other views maintain a degree of separation, the flow places you in the center of things.

This view may extend insofar as seeing the customary identity as a reflex of the Whole.

The advantage of this view is obvious: Power. Lots of it.

The disadvantage is almost the same as the advantage: the potential inability to hold much power and to conform to views of persistence.

Let's take a look at three aspects of the flow:

Wash away the old.

What do we do with problems? We solve them or create solutions to them. We 'liquidize' the problems so we can wash them away.

The view of the flow provides us with this destructive aspect we can use most efficiently.

Enjoy the NOW.

Everything changes and nothing stands still. The view of the flow is persistent only in one thing: the persistence of change. This is where we can establish presence and connect from the view of the flow to other views.

Accept the new.

This is the openness aspect of the view of the flow. By being open we can accept new currents into ourselves, and adjust our balance accordingly.

The constructive and destructive aspects complement each other.

The view of the flow places you in the middle of things, right where they happen. In your pursuit of psychic powers this view will provide you with the raw force needed.

The forces that sustain you may also tear you apart, so be sure to pay enough attention to balance.


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