The Rigid Identity


The view of the rigid identity is a view which enables having 'supernormal' powers without giving up the rigidity of the normal identity.

How can that be?

The rigid self-identity provides the framework for the flow of 'other forces'.

Self-identity has to be clearly delineated: this is the normal me - that is not me. (This doesn't usually require much effort; doing the opposite usually does.)

The view of the rigid identity allows for two basic approaches: channeling and vampirism.


After the initial adjustment of the form of self-identity, great currents can be moved through the prepared framework.

The downside is that identity is reduced to being a tool in some aspects. There is less balancing ability to maintain overview over the forces channeled, and goal-setting and choicemaking processes may also suffer.


While channeling allows the flow of foreign powers through oneself, vampirism forces it.

While channeling channels forces greater than oneself, vampirism feeds of lesser (least able) powers than oneself.

Under stress, a rigid form breaks while a flexible one bends and lives to see another day.

The view of rigid identity offers least regarding long-term, reliable psychic powers, but as a (relatively) quick fix it can hardly be surpassed.

Consider your goals and employ the view of the rigid identity according to your decisions.


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