Ask God


It's not the same whether you ask of God a question or ask God for forgiveness, help, or something else.

Asking God a question is one part prayer and one part meditation. You have to speak clearly and listen with an open mind. Even if you ask a single question, you will see there is a whole conversation hidden in it. Formulate a question as clearly as you can (it is imperative that you understand the question you are asking fully), and after that, quiet your mind and let the answer come to you in whatever expected or unexpected way it may come.

If you ask God for forgiveness, well, it's not a bad thing, but know that God will forgive you whatever it is you have done. He doesn't hate you or condemn you for your actions, but you will still have to take responsibility and face the consequences. In asking God for forgiveness, it is really yourself you are asking to forgive.

Let's say you ask God for a new bicycle. The worst way to go about it is to ask God to open up the skies and drop a shiny new bicycle into your lap. (With this attitude you might as well steal the first bicycle you see.) A much better way is to ask God to empower you with a vision of yourself, an insight into your problematic situation, and the inner strength to formulate and carry out the plan that will lead you into the desired state of success.

God is a nice partner for conversation. He listens when you speak, and he speaks when you listen. You can get into an argument with yourself, but you can never get into an argument with God.


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