Trust In God


Trusting God is the most natural and perhaps most meaningful thing in our lives as human beings. Unfortunately, since for some reason we seem to like confusion and ignorance, trust in God is not always easy to achieve.

What does it mean to trust in God? Some people abuse God's trust by using it as an excuse. The most blatant example of this is the proverbial drowning man who denied help three times because he was waiting for God's hand to reach down from Heaven to rescue him. This is not trust in God - this is being ignorant of God. (You cannot somehow 'control' or 'pressure' God by projecting your needs and expectations onto him; this notion is ridiculous.)

Trusting God comes from within. By trusting yourself and accepting responsibility for yourself and your surroundings, you not only accept God's trust but also let it flow out into the world. God is the wholeness of everything. You are a part of God, and you expand your trust in God by trusting other parts of God. It's easy, right?

Accept responsibility instead of rejecting it. Trust works not in one direction, but in all directions. Trust in God and in all parts of God that you interact with, but recognize that God also trusts you, both directly in its wholeness and indirectly through the many other parts and aspects of creation.

Love is what connects the whole world together, and trust is what keeps it going. God is pretty smart this way, don't you think?


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