God Helps Those Who Help Themselves


God is very helpful, and the phrase "Ask and you shall receive!" is quite true. However, there are proper and improper ways to ask for God's help, and God can also respond in infinite ways.

A bad way to ask God for help is to mumble something and do nothing else in order to achieve your goal. Will God help you even then? Sure, but what God is seeing most glaringly is that you are in a state of confusion and have no real intention of changing your situation. Your words are at odds with your actions, and guess which ones speak louder!

God is not your servant, nor is he someone you can boss around or blame for your own failures. God's help is akin to inertia; it can be hard to get going, but once you clearly know which direction you wish to take, God will help you keep moving towards your goal.

Another closed-minded way to ask for help is to set limitations on how God should help you achieve your goal. Maybe you see only a long, inefficient road, and God undoubtedly knows the shortcuts and dangers of the road. If you ask God for help but at the same time you close your mind for God's help - well, you won't get very far. Make sure you open your mind and accept the help that comes along your way.

God helps those who help themselves. This doesn't mean that God doesn't help at all, or that God is choosy about whom to help. Many times we expect God's help to be something external, like winning the lottery. However, God's help comes mostly from the inside, like an insight or realization. It is natural that God helps those who help themselves, since those who help themselves are already in the process of listening to God and taking his advice.


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