I Am God


Saying "I am God" is not an act of defiance against God, but an act of confirmation of oneness with God. Spiritual experiences of communion with God are hard to explain or describe. Words have their severe limitations, and sometimes the more we talk about something the more complicated and unclear it becomes. "I am God" is a simple, but powerful statement which aims to retain the clarity of such a grand experience.

Let's try to put this phrase into context and consider a few more similar, but subtly different phrases:

- I am
- I am God
- I AM!

When we say 'I am' we are usually referring to the ego of our earthly, human selves. (It's interesting that in English we always capitalize the 'I'.) In such usage this is an incomplete sentence, since we want to complete it with another word (eg. happy, sad, rich etc.)

If we go one step up on an imaginary ladder of spirituality, we can say 'I am God'. Through this phrase we attempt to connect the 'I' with God, and we try to do so through the mundane existence (the 'to be' verb). This phrase works by establishing a connection using our conscious minds, and through our conscious minds pulling up the rest of our being as well.

If we say 'I AM!', we have already achieved a degree of connection with God. In this case we put both the earthly 'I' and the divine 'God' into the new 'I' - and what does this new identity do? It EXISTS gloriously. It is no longer 'the doing' that is important, but 'the being'.

Say it to yourself: "I am God!" What kinds of feelings does this evoke? What changes within you? Explore and learn.


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