God - Life and Death


Although we say "ashes to ashes, dust to dust", it should be more like "God to God, God to God". No matter which way you look at it, it's always God changing into God. God is a master of both life and death, and these are not two things, but a single process.

Some people believe that you live your life, and after that there is nothing. Some people believe that they will go to heaven after they die (whatever heaven may be). Some people believe in reincarnation; that after death their souls will inhabit another body according to the karmic wheel of fate.

All these beliefs are correct and all of them are incorrect. This is so because any such belief is an oversimplification. There is not 'nothing' after death, since the world is still going on. You don't go to heaven either, because you're there already. You don't get reincarnated, since you are already one with God and the world.

Think of it this way: life and death is the breath of God. When God breathes in, it's death, and when God breathes out, it's life. One side of the coin makes the other side possible, and neither is better than the other since it's the same process. We live every moment and die every moment - this is also called 'change'. It is natural and nothing spooky about it.

We shouldn't fear death and we shouldn't fear life either. It's all good, it's all God! Cast away your limitations and enjoy the presence of God.


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