God and Free Will


There is a big debate of what 'free will' means. If God's will is absolute, then the world is deterministic and we cannot have free will. On the other hand, if we do have free will, then what's the point of there being a God?

The premises of such assumptions are wrong. We assume we are all separate individuals and that God is also a separate entity - and then the discrepancies show up between all these concepts that don't mix.

We are not separate beings, and God is not separate from us. Free will is also not a matter of choosing between A and B (that is only a limitation we see), it's about creating whatever you wish to create or express - without discrete choices.

There is one straightforward way to resolve the seeming paradox of God and free will, but it takes some courage and self-reflection: We don't really exist - only God exists, and God has free will. What does it mean that we don't exist? We obviously exist, don't we? Well, yes and no. For the most part, we live only in our heads, thinking that our perception of ourselves and reality is reality itself. If we cast away such normal delusions, we are forced to see that we are a reflection of God and not separate.

Free will is also a duality: for us to imagine free will, we also have to be able to imagine will that is not free. From the viewpoint of God, such a distinction is useless: there is no separation - there is oneness of will.


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