Peace of God


Peace is a popular concept, but most people don't really know what they mean when they use it. (If you just take a look at all the beauty queens saying they wish for world peace, you know there's some truth to that.)

'Life' and 'peace' are somewhat mutually exclusive. Life is a motion, an expression of change, a beautiful dance. Any peace or stability is just an illusion; a string of similar changes. Peace in this sense is death.

The peace of God from our human perspective is not really about peace in this final sense, but rather peace as a lack of confusion and struggle within ourselves. The peace of God is about a higher, more efficient state of balance which can include many viewpoints and possibilities without wasting energy on hate and conflict.

God has no problem with dualities, in fact he uses them all the time. However, instead of making them conflicted with each other (black OR white), he makes them complement each other (black AND white). The secret to peace lies not in destroying diversity, but in making it beautifully balanced.

The peace of God is not a single state. It makes no sense to talk about the peace of God unless it is compared with the human perception of strife. By calming our minds and opening our hearts we can achieve a balanced flow in life. Through this peaceful attitude, even amidst the greatest turmoil, we will stay grounded and balanced, keeping our eyes on God and a vision of who we truly wish to be.


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