Grace of God


The word 'grace' has several meanings, let's take a look at three:

1. Elegance and beauty of form or motion.
2. Manifestation of favor by a superior.
3. Mercy or pardon.

Which one of these three do you think applies most to the grace of God? Even though it's a popular belief, God is not someone who rules like a politician; giving out favors, handing out punishment, and occasionally expressing an act of mercy as a good PR stunt. The grace of God is nowhere near as petty as that - quite the contrary.

Elegance and beauty are the key to God's grace. The whole creation is a graceful dance, connected together by God's Love.

Generally, the vision we have of the universe is a granular vision. That means that we see the world in chunks and pieces, and quite literally we don't see the forest of the trees. Compared to the vision of God, we see the world like a weird house of mirrors, of which we explore only a single corner in a room. When even for a brief moment we get to have a different experience and see using a higher viewpoint, we feel the magnificent beauty of the dance of God's creation, and we know that we have been enveloped by the grace of God.

The grace of God is ever-present, not only around us but within us well. We are part of the beautiful heartbeat of God. Whether we choose to notice the grace of it all or not is up to us.


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