Is God Evil?


No, God is not evil for the simple reason that evil does not exist. Do you believe there is evil in the world? If so, then unfortunately God is evil too.

Good and evil are human-centric concepts. Good is generally something that feels good, and evil is something that threatens our identities or the core of what we feel is to be human. If we don't understand something and it is detrimental to us in some way, then we call it 'evil'.

The evilness is not external - the evil is in our own ignorance. If we understand something completely, then we can no longer call it evil because we are able to change it. What we named 'evil' before now becomes simply a form of expression.

Nothing is evil to God - that's why if you so choose, you might see God as the most evil of all. However, looking at the world through such polarized lenses will cause your inner perception of yourself to break in half too, and your 'good' part and 'evil' part will always be in battle with each other - instead of being whole, strong, and peaceful.

God cannot afford to be judgmental and petty. God Loves all of his creation, even those parts that seem evil to human eyes. God sees all sides and understands fully with compassion. Fighting and rejecting 'evil' only creates more struggle. If you don't like something, let God know! Not by selfishly praying to God to take care of it, but by embracing, Loving and changing it yourself.


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