Is God Truth?


Yes, God is Truth. In everyday life we deal with information that are true or false, and in communicating with others we also have to discern if somebody is intentionally lying to us. God doesn't deal so much with statements and facts - God's truth is creative truth.

What is creative truth? For example, you say: "I will build a house." If we look only at the present, there is no house, so this statement borders on false. To see whether it turned out to be true, we would have to travel into the future and see for ourselves if there is really a house.

Creative truth is true because you make it true. It doesn't matter if it was objectively true or false before - with your own power and determination, you create new truth. God does it all the time.

God doesn't see truth as black or white. There might be a deep truth at the center, and lesser truths radiating and reflecting as mirrors all around it. These might be false illusions from certain perspectives, but they are still valid in their own right.

In our human lives it is difficult at times to discern what is true and what is not. However, it can be even more difficult to decide what kind of truth we wish to create. Essentially, all life is about helping God create the truth we wish to experience. When you find what resonates with your own truth on the deepest level, let it out into the world for all to see!


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