Is God Love?


Yes, God is Love. Love makes God who he is - and makes us who we are. Without Love, the universe would just collapse into itself and disappear without a trace.

Our human concept of love is quite hazy. There are two major parts of the normal idea of love: 'loving someone' and 'being in love with someone'. With 'being in love' we try to describe a feeling that is mostly made out of fascination and need. With simply 'loving someone', we are usually referring to a degree of tolerance and certain forms of conditional love.

God's Love is not stuck in the mud as our human love is - it is unconditional and makes the universe move forward. Why is God Love? Love is the process of becoming one. There are no 'things' in the world, only movement, and that movement is Love. God is God because through full and complete Love he can express, create and be all that is.

God's Love is unconditional because he doesn't say "I will Love you if you do this and that" - even if many people would like to convince you otherwise for their own interests. If God would do that, he would be carving out a piece of himself and throwing it away - and he wouldn't be the highest expression of God anymore. In a way, that's what we humans do; that's how we reject our own Godhood.

How can we feel God's Love, how can we get closer to it? By Loving ourselves, Loving God, Loving all that is. Only in the beautiful presence of God-who-is-Love can a human person and God truly meet.


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