Is God Perfect?


The pursuit of perfection is generally a positive thing, but after a certain threshold it can become dangerous and detrimental. It is positive because if we see a vision towards which to cast our aim then we can achieve that goal faster, but it can be negative if that vision is static and unmoving. Such a static vision is like a precious porcelain doll; beautiful but useless and easily broken.

God is perfect, but God's perfection is not static. God is not standing at the top of the world, absolute and unmoving. God is perfect in the way a dance is perfect, or even life itself. It's all about relations and change. If you can see a single perfect image of God, rest assured that it is only a tiny glimpse.

There is a saying, "if you meet Buddha on the road, kill him". Of course, this saying is not about killing people we meet, but about discarding limiting notions of perfection. God fuses together perfection and imperfection, and creates a dynamic between the two. A God that is perfect like a porcelain doll is not really the wholeness of God.

Should we strive to be perfect? We should strive to be better, an image of ourselves that we truly wish to be. Is this perfection or imperfection? Well, it depends how you choose to look at it. Ultimately, it doesn't matter which category you choose, since God just IS, beyond the limitations of words.

If you see something that is perfect, know that its very perfection is what makes it imperfect. Try to look for wholeness and beauty instead.


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