Why Does God Hate?


It is so hard not to imagine God as a human. We think that if God loves, then he must hate too. Especially when we are enshrouded in a personal tragedy, we feel that God must be very hateful and uncaring - and that we are standing at the center of his hate.

God's hate is a very clean type of hate - so clean in fact, that it is the same as God's Love. How can that be? God Loves everything. Since we are humans, we like to separate one thing from another: "This is white, that is black. This is love, that is hate." We think that way, and because of such flaws in thinking we see dualities opposing each other instead of dualities complementing each other.

The world is change. If there would be no change, there would be no time - and there would be no world. We change too, every moment. Such change is the breath of God which allows the world to dance in beauty. When God breathes out, we might feel fulfilled and whole, and when God breathes in we might feel empty. If we don't see the whole cycle, we might associate that emptiness with hate - but it is also the same emptiness that allows us peace, freedom and self-creation.

When God breathes in, the thing that was destroyed goes back to the wholeness of God. (Since all is God, nothing is really destroyed - just changed.) There is no ego to muddy this form of Love into human hate - there is only more Love.


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