Why Does God Love?


It is only because of Love that God is God. Without Love, everything would just fall apart and vanish into oblivion.

Compared to God's unconditional Love, our romantic idea of love is most of the time primitive and full of need (it's the difference of heaven and hell between the two). For us, unconditional Love is a process of becoming one with the object of Love. For God, since he does nothing but Love, it is the most basic reality of the world and the way to continuously create the whole of creation.

God Loves because through Love God becomes one with the multiverse he creates. It's not like God is a mean Santa Claus who brings gifts only to good children. God's Love is full and complete - that's how we can retain human form (or any form for that matter).

The question is not so much whether God Loves, but to what degree you can feel that Love. Even when we feel unloved, it is because we our stuck in our small selves and are unable to notice that the sun is shining (or stars twinkling) and that the energies of the world dance with a beautiful flow.

If there is one thing that should be set as the axiom of the world and always be undoubted, then it is God's Love. It is somewhat accurate to say that before God, there was Love, and that most other aspects of God are just something we humans tacked onto this deepest feeling of Love because we are unable to comprehend it.


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