Candor In Relationships


As long as there is Love, a relationship is not a failed relationship.

However, candor is the ease with which Love can flow in the relationship. The difference between Loving relationships with and without candor is the difference between 'growing closer' and Loving from afar.

Candor is the key to joyful co-existence. It has most practical use in making a relationship work in a healthy and Loving manner.

Candor works on the level of communication: speak the truth as you see it when it should be told.

The light of such words may illuminate fears or obstacles so they can be solved more easily and strengthen the relationship in the process.

Candor also works on the level of communion: seek the clarity and balance between your inner and outer worlds.

If you approach the creation of yourself consciously, you can state with greater confidence and clarity who you are and what you want. Thus, the truth you speak stems from your inner strength, the inner core of your being.

This way candor conveys not only the clear meaning of the words you speak, but also the essence of your being through Love!

Think back to the moments when you truly felt touched. Would you say these moments were of utmost candor?

Explore and practice candor in all its aspects, and Lovingly grow closer!


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