How To Have Spiritually Fulfilling Relationships


First, it is important to recognize that the most important relationship you are ever going to have is your relationship with yourself.

All other relationships are extensions, fulfillments of this most basic relationship.

All you can offer others is yourself.

Thus, it makes sense to approach this constant creation of self with utmost care and Love - for it is not only yourself you are sharing it with.

If you have made balance with the world within you, the people who come in contact with you become empowered to create their own balance.

Look into the eyes of a person you Love. What do you see?

Nothing? Everything? Yourself?

We are moldable mirrors for each other, on the fluctuating quest of determining who we are and absolving ourselves from such determinations.

How to have spiritually fulfilling relationships?

Be who you wish to be! Do what you want to do!

Love! Live! Express and be impressed by Truth!

Be clear, powerful, and beautiful all throughout your extended self created by your relationships.

Beauty through Love sustains us all.

It is the breaths we take, the dreams we dream, and the lives we live.

Offer and accept with candor and honesty!


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