Seeing Through The Eyes Of Others


When we look at fellow humans with our physical eyes, we are rewarded with simple pleasures: we can appreciate the structure and form of the human body as well as the patterns and movement of the potentially beautiful psyche in charge.

When we look into the eyes of another, we can see the promise of something deeper; a spark even.

What the eyes can't see - the heart can. Just as physical bodies may, identities too can merge and mesh.

Through Love and the process of growing closer, you can look at a person from infinite variations of angles and distances.

At zero distance, from a state of union, the rules change. What was before two people looking at each other is now oneness; a newborn identity looking out at the world outside.

If the internal balance of new identity is not of great integrity, the nothingness of loneliness comes crushing down and the identity is splintered into fragments.

However, the most interesting things happen past the singularity barrier, beyond the Absolute Terror Field.

Let's say that after the collision the shape of things got back to being as it were. But, are you still the person you were - or are you the other person?

It is interesting to look at your former self just to see it looking back at you - ad infinitum.

Voila, the Hall Of Mirrors!

It is the realization that you are the structural integrity of the ever-vibrating force. Can you hear the echoes of Yourself?

(Beware that the Surge does not leave your ghost lost and your shell a vegetable.)

If you maintain coherency within the reflections of Yourself, you may emerge at whichever level of consciousness you Love to be.

See into and with the eyes of others!


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