God and Sex


God is the greatest pervert and sex maniac - no doubt about it.

In an act of masturbation God created the world; and thankfully s/he keeps going on with it ever since.

We humans have this idea that sex is 'dirty', whereas it is the cleanest thing that exists.

In essence, sex is the constant act of creation. "All That Is" exists because it's beautiful, and it's beautiful because it exists.

The dirt of sex as we perceive it (its less-than-divine nature) originates from elsewhere: our fears.

And as we take a look at the collective human state, we can see that our fears are great and many.

The logic behind these fears is that in order to remain in control, power which could upset control should be rejected and suppressed. As a result of the lack of this Loving power, fear of death sets its place and rigidifies the self-identity even more.

We can observe these motives in our personal, collective and global selves as well.

As they say, "Let go and let God."

When this is embraced, magical things are known to happen: things like 'eternal youth' and 'global peace' become trivial to realize.


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