How To Have Sex With Angels


Holy people having sex with angels is a reocurring theme in history. It seems to be quite an interesting idea, and it would neat if the rest of us could follow them in their footsteps.

What is an angel anyway?

Saying angels are messengers from God seems to tell us more about their functions than the angels themselves. However, if we play with this idea and shift it around a bit, we could say angels are God's messages.

Shifting it around a bit more (and keeping in mind that God is the greatest pervert), we can form a more interesting definition:

Angels are angles of God - angels are spiritual beings who have orgasm all the time.

This shouldn't come as much of a surprise, since at this level spiritual sex is the primary method of communication. (What else could be more efficient in conveying a message?)

Angelic existence is somewhat different than human existence: you are the living breath of God, and the primal, essential awareness of it fulfills and constitutes your entire being.

It's not only the lack of physical human body; it's also the lack of human personality as we know it.

So what is an angel? That which can stand in and coexist with the orgasmic presence of God and not burn away.

If angels (as we can perceive them) are angles of God, differentiated by focus and orgasmic flavor - how can we have sex with them?

Choose a connection you wish to explore and establish it to a greater degree. You can do this by cleaning and clarifying your entire through all your levels of awareness.

Prepare to balance on strange surfaces; the flow is strong and overwhelming, and if you don't pay proper attention to the balance of your being, you can easily burn up more than you want to.

Relationships of mutual Love and respect can thrive more than one-sided relationships: give as well as receive, create changes as well as accept them.

A candid Loving personal touch is always an honour and much appreciated, even if from a lowly mortal.

Let it be known through your entire presence that you too are a beautiful angel of God!


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