Spiritual Rape


If we look at our selves as things that we are but don't own, spiritual rape as such doesn't exist.

Separation, self-ownership, and integrity are very different concepts, though they might look the same on the surface.

There is much confusion about what actually is integrity; is it the inviolation of the boundaries of separation as defined by self-ownership? This seems to be the most common idea.

That's not integrity - it's illusionary security. Defining something by its ability to resist outside force (and even take pride in it!) ultimately ends in breaking the resistance.

Sulking in dejection at the violation of boundaries and loss of innocence (all that is 'good' and 'just') achieves nothing except attracting/creating more misery.

The higher you go, when things go fast, recursive misery depletes your power fast. If you let go of the idea of the necessity of exclusively being yourself, you can actually use that energy and turn the situation around to one of more to your liking.

You are not 'unique' - the rest of the world is 'you' as well. It doesn't matter how many rights you form to extricate yourself from the world, those aspects of the world which insist on being 'you' will form their rights to intricate you back.

There doesn't have to be any ill will involved; freedom of All is simply more important than self-ownership. The universe is sustained by sheer, unconditional Love.

There is the possibility at any time that your brain/soul is going to be fucked out by the voltage and amperage of the devil/God polarity.

At any time, your physical existence could be reduced to a vegetating shell - or even charred to ashes, by the sheer Love of God.

If that happens, in any form, let go and welcome it. Remember - YOU are God!

The way you balance is your integrity - do it with beauty and grace!


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