While some look upon sex as mere reproduction or a necessary evil of need and lust caused by humans' dark nature, I subscribe to the view that sex is the process of 'growing closer'.

Sex is also a way of dying before your physical body does. The potential to change is pretty much infinite.

Sex in its widest interpretation is not a single act; it is the whole state of the world. As they say, sex is everywhere!

The fear of power resulted in the segregation of physical sex in the human collective consciousness. This creates the view that sex is 'lowly', and result in lust and need for the idea of sex - with denial at the same time. In turn, this results in focusing only on the physical aspects of sex, which often creates even more disruption and imbalance both in the personal and collective minds.

Ours is a schizophrenic society.

Which brings us to our topic: touch.

I'll define 'touch' as the smallest wholesome amount of sex - the building block of sex, so to say.

There are two basic states of existence: one of fear (where self-identities are separated boxes where any change is to be feared) and one of Love (where self-identities are currents in the ocean, one with the Whole).

The state of fear looks upon touch as the most terrible thing that can happen: it ends the segregation and the selfish self-identity is destroyed immediately.

The state of Love welcomes touch, as it is the thing that entire existence is based upon. Self-identity is defined by touch, and oneness with the Whole is achieved by touch.

Sharing yourself is growing closer.

Just as physical sex is enabled by physical touch, spiritual sex and existence in general are enabled by the connection of touch.

Even the physical touch is of greatest value when it is accompanied with the touch of emotional acceptance and the touch of intellectual understanding.

Touch Yourself - touch others! It is an act of healing.


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