Aging Stress


What constitutes stress and how we approach it changes as we age, but perhaps it is more important to realize that stress influences the rate at which we age (mentally, emotionally and even physically).

Unfortunately, it is not too uncommon to see a person in mid-twenties appear forty-something year old. It is uncommon, but not exceedingly rare to see a 70 year old with the youthful vigor of a 30 year old.

Stress can literally eat a person's life away. Do we master the pressures or do we become slaves to stress? One of the secrets to youthful old age is to let go of external and internal pressures that constrict us, and instead develop and seek out pressures that cause enjoyment and offer a sense of fulfillment.

In today's society we are encouraged to seek instant gratification and not think too much ahead. When we do, many of us are filled with fear of change, of growing old and of death - and quickly divert our train of thoughts lest the horrors consume us.

We can either live in fear or love - depending on which one we choose will determine whether we live a happy, fulfilled life or a stressful, confused and generally shorter one.


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