Stress - Women


Unlike men, women express their feelings more freely. Simply talking and sharing with others can be a very effective and healthy way to deal with stress. Feelings of fear and anxiety are replaced with feelings of acknowledgement, acceptance, love and support - a very good start for healing any situation or solving any problem.

There can be difficulties however. If no one in the group can offer any actual insight or advice, the act of sharing can devolve into a blame game or a gossip session, which does nothing else but rationalize the stress which will make it more difficult to overcome.

When women try to share their feelings with a goal-oriented man, the man may interpret 'sharing' as 'whining'. When attempting to share with someone who is simply not interested (for example, colleagues at work) it may turn into a struggle for recognition and talk that is not sharing may poison the environment instead.

To deal with stress effectively, women should recognize that sometimes hard actions and cold decisions are the only way to deal with a stressful problem or situation.


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