Stress - Men


There aren't very deep differences between how men and women approach, deal with and are influenced by stress, but differences can be found still.

Due to societal pressures men are expected to behave stoically in regards to pain, suffering and weakness in general. The motto is "show strength and endure". Men also often prefer the logic of the mind to the feelings of the heart.

Even since childhood, parents say "big boys don't cry". Because of such pressure, men abandon the use of an effective safety valve against stress: crying. Stress is most often bottled up and bottled up, until the cup becomes full. At this point, violent or self-destructive is common.

To try to moderate stress, the working man deals with the pressures of job and family by having a beer with the boys now and then. Hopefully a kind of balance is achieved; if not, something has to give - either work, family or health has to go.

By accepting their feelings and finding a way of creative self-expression men may work towards avoiding the do-or-die trap of stress.


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