Stress Cure


Unfortunately, there is no cure for stress nor will there be one. How come? There is no cure for stress because stress is not a disease.

The stress which bothers us is partially a healthy bodily mechanism and partially an unhealthy imbalance in our consciousness. When we get too stressed, the fault lies in the decisions we have made and not in our bodies.

Stress may only be cured if the problem lies in the mechanisms of the body (which is generally not the case). However, stress may be eased or healed if we are willing to take a step back, look at the choices we have made, and decide to make better, healthier ones.

Stress is not a physical disease - it's not even a problem! It is a symptom of our body and subconscious mind trying to offer us everything they can to help our consciousness overcome the difficulties it is facing.

Don't close you mind, don't try to run or hide away. Let the feeling of stress through you and decide to create a more wholesome self and healthier environment.


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