Stress Medicine


When we get headaches from too much unproductive worrying or when the butterflies in our stomach turn into flesh-eating maggots, the most commonly advised solution is: "Here, take a pill!".

Doctors and pharmaceutical technologies are great when something is wrong with our physical bodies, but as we go deeper into the realm of psychology medicine becomes increasingly useless.

We are perfectly capable of quieting our own minds and facing our own problems head on. It's just that we don't want to - it's much easier to run away and take medicine to blunt the noise of the stress. Relying on such medicine will cause additional problems and will compound the ones caused by stress.

Stress medicine is good for hiding the problem; we can pretend it's not there for a short while. Unless we are simultaneously working to turn our lives around, the breakdown will hit us sooner and with a more powerful strike.

Use medicine responsibly!


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