Healing Stress


When we feel stressed we just want it to stop, but there is more to healing stress completely than that.

We are at the center of our own realities and we feel the turmoil of internal and external forces. Healing stress is not about stopping these forces or opposing them head on - it's about finding a new, healthy state of balance.

This usually includes kicking old habits and introducing new ones, and also making attitude and lifestyle changes. Reevaluating goals and priorities is also a good idea. Creating or finding a supportive environment might be difficult, but it is doable and the benefits are huge.

Stress is not just stress; besides the obvious reasons there are also deeper ones which allowed stress to manifest in the first place. Heal the symptoms of stress; heal the reasons for stress; heal the lifestyle and personality deficiencies.

Make small steps, but pause once in a while and take a look at the bigger picture.


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