After Stress


After enduring a stressful episode it's in order to enjoy a little peace and quiet.

However, to win the war and not just the battle, it is important to understand that some kinds of stress come in cycles and some cause relapse when similar circumstances are present.

Perhaps the simplest example of the cyclic kind is going to work every day. The body and the subconscious assume that because work is many times stressful it will be stressful in the future as well, and recreate the same tension as a form of preparation even if there is nothing to be stressed about. The results is that you wake up on a weekend morning full of worry that doesn't go away entirely throughout the day.

After stress the smart thing to do is learn from the experience. Learn about how you reacted and what kind of situations you wish to experience in the future. If this last step of learning is omitted, stress will come and go (mostly just come). Mental, emotional and physical health will be sacrificed as a result.

Awareness and self-discipline trump stress, but only if you take the time after stressful experiences to recollect, learn, and adjust.


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