Stress Free


You released all stress, turned your life around, made changes to your attitude, reprioritized, set new goals, developed self-discipline, found a supportive environment and you are now living the life you always wanted? If so, congratulations! You are now stress free.

Are you stress free but you took some shortcuts? That's commendable, but go back anyway and fill in the blanks. Being stress free is not worth it if you are medicated out of your brain or have permanently run away from society to the top of a distant mountain.

Being stress free is not the end - it's the beginning. You are now free from the clutches of your own mind to lead your life in whatever direction you choose.

Does this mean you will never feel stress again? Probably not. After all, not all stress is bad. Challenge yourself and use 'good' stress for your spiritual fulfillment. It is a matter of balance - will stress rule you or will you rule stress? Use and enjoy the tensions of life rather than be crushed by them.

If you are not yet stress free, don't worry - it is an attainable goal. Take one step at a time and you will get there.


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