Stress From Work


Stress from work is the most common kind of stress.

Stress from work is not caused by a single source of stress, but many of them which center around work itself. An unfriendly workplace that puts you on the edge might improve short term responsiveness and a greater adherence to the chain of command among the employees, but a lot is sacrificed in return.

The worst thing about workplace related stress are the environmental factors: even if you are handling the tension from work nicely and are even mindful of potential deadliness, a snide comment from a coworker or the usual display of being an asshole from one of the bosses can disrupt one's personal rhythm greatly - and result in less work done.

Of course, it works the other way around too: if the workplace environment is supportive, the tensions from work itself can be reduced. It is much more easier to tackle a problem collectively and with organization than to compound stress from work with organizational and social problems.

Like any complex problem, work related stress is best tackled analytically. Cut the problem to smaller pieces, understand the situation, and solve these smaller problems one at a time.


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