Life Stress


If we put together the many kinds of stresses we experience, we can call it 'life stress'. When the pressures of life get too overwhelming, one is 'overrun by life'.

Stress experienced on the whole has many components: present attitude, the degree of internal conflict, balanced identity, confidence, communication abilities, pressure from work and family, pressure from social status, the degree of support of the social environment etc. (In this sense, life stress has many things in common with general anxiety.)

There are things you can change easily and then there are things which are hidden from awareness and therefore hard to change. To reduce the pressures of life, focus first on the things that are right in front of your nose, and then take it from there one step at a time.

Life can hit you on the head and make you resigned or depressed. The tension of stress can even break you. The complexities of life can make you feel lost and alone. However, even with a boggled mind and a bleeding heart you can always take a deep breath and let it all through.


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