Love Stress


Physical sources of stress can be overcome easily, matters of the mind can be sorted out, but feelings of the heart are not easy to control nor even recognize.

If you had your heart rejected, broken, pierced, stomped on, eaten and spit out - rest easy, that's not the hard part. 'Love shock' is easier to overcome than 'love stress'. Even if you feel empty inside, you can draw strength from that and move on.

The common interpretation of the word 'love' is a mixture of emotional and sexual needs, physical attraction, social pressure, identity issues, psychological manipulation and true, unconditional Love. Add in some communication problems and you have the perfect setting for love related stress.

Love is about opening yourself up spiritually, emotionally and also physically to another person. Most people are unable to offer or stand that kind of emotional openness, and that results in the back-and-forth and confusion of love stress.

Being clear and sincere to yourself and to others goes a long way towards reducing love related stress.


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