Code Of Honor


On page 198 of 471 of Heretics of Dune, there is an interesting passage on the structure of Teg's code of Honor.

Before I read this passage and mused over it a bit, I always thought of codes of honor as lists of 'do's and 'dont's.

Although it would be tempting to adhere to such a code of honor (it simplifies things and gives a sense of gallantry), it seemed inflexible - and not truly honest, as I could think of situations where the 'right thing to do' (by my own judgement) was the opposite of what such a list-like code of honor would dictate.

Reading about Teg's code of honor was an interesting twist: no longer a list of 'do's and 'dont's, but a question of loyalties in the flow of observable hierarchies.

This seemed far more usable.

Although, it has problems of its own: How to find deserving attachments? There seem to be so few. What of hierarchies I have no interest in? What if you are at the top of a pyramidal hierarchy, like God-Emperor Leto? The perception of the code gets a bit skewed.

Although vastly clearer than my previous perception on codes of honor, this newer view still seemed inflexible to me. Thinking in hierarchical concepts and adhering to them in behaviour at a core level still felt too limiting.

So I forgot about it for a while.

But, after a while, my thoughts pointed in this direction again: I was thinking about consciousness(es) of different levels and quality, and how it is possible to maintain a unified flow of consciousness at all levels.

How does one connect absolute changeability and absolute unchangeability? How does one connect up with down? Greater and lesser?

Specifically, let's take a normal human consciousness and cellular consciousness(es) corresponding to that human body.

Just how do a myriad of cells know how to act like a single body?! Miraculous.

We could proceed further 'down' to molecular consciousness or we could go 'up' to human collective consciousness.

Is there a limit how far 'up' or 'down' we could go? As long as we maintain the perspective of 'up' and 'down', I very much doubt it.

So, with this little detour, let's make some changes to Teg's code of honor: Instead of 'loyalty', let's use 'trust', and instead of 'flow of observable hierarchies', let's use 'flow of consciousness'.

We get something beautiful.

Take a look around. You can see the entire world adhering to this code of honor. In fact, this code of honor is exactly what makes this world possible!

For consciousness to manifest itself, to create form and structure, it has to put some things in-focus and some things out-of-focus.
(For a human, in-focus would be the human consciousness; out-of-focus would be the human un-conscious.)

To go beyond the locality of a formed consciousness, you abolish form and move beyond, or you employ trust:

"All Is Me. Yet, I am also me. I am the 'me' I want to be, and this 'me' is what all of Me wants for me to be. I employ Love, so I can keep being the me I want to be. I maintain clarity within myself, so trust flows in all directions - and My will is One."

When you feel you are losing grip although you did everything the way you wanted to... let go.

Trust is bought with trust. Trust other parts of Yourself, and see how the will of One moves.

Interestingly, the following phrase also declares a code of honor:

"In God We Trust."


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