No Fixed Position - No Attitude


On page 259 in my copy of Heretics of Dune, the ghola Duncan Idaho says:
"No fixed position, no attitude."

This sentence is one of those things that are stuck in my mind and are oft repeated, as a mantra. What does it mean? It indicates powerful mastery of some kind, but where is it?

Generally, the attitude you assume towards something has major influence on the outcome of your relationship with it.

This is something beyond "Just do it!"; at the root of self, outside of time.

When a being comes into existence, it chooses/manifests a basic set of relations. These relations define the dynamics of the being and result in having form.

This basic set of relations can be named 'attitude'. Other terms for this basic level attitude would be 'energy signature' and 'soul blueprint'.

Attitude is tied with existence itself; one is defined by the other.

No fixed position - no attitude.

The ultimate flexibility is non-existence.

If you want to go from being one thing to being another, it's often useful to take a shortcut through non-existence.


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