The Amtal Rule


To know a thing well, know its limits. Only when pushed beyond its tolerances will true nature be seen.
- The Amtal Rule

The Amtal Rule is my favorite. Simple, elegant and empowering.

It's a jumpstart to achieving wholeness; a pure state of thought; freedom.

Let's see what the book says:

"AMTAL or AMTAL RULE: a common rule on primitive worlds under which something is tested to determine its limits or defects. Commonly: testing to destruction."
- from the appendix of the first Dune book

Testing to destruction may seem primitive and stupid, but only if the destruction is irrevocable.

We often define ourselves in relation to things we are not (this is what I am, that is what I am not). We may do this out of choice only, but most often this is our reaction to the things we fear. We separate ourselves. These fears and limitations are playing a crucial role in our perception/knowledge of ourselves and thus, also a crucial role in how others perceive us. We 'box up' ourselves (and others too), and think these boxes are real and unchangeable.

You can't really determine an object's limits and true nature until you have found your own.

Where are YOUR limits?
Are these truly your limits?

To know yourself well, know your limits. Only when pushed beyond your tolerances will true nature be seen.

The catch is... there are no true limits!


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