About "The Art Of War" By Sun Tzu


Not much is know about Sun Tzu; he lived probably about 2500 years ago in China. What is know is the book Sun Tzu wrote: "The Art Of War".

The Art Of War describes basic, but essential ideas of the time in a balanced and insightful manner.

The Art Of War describes not only war as physical violence and the use of contemporary tools of war, but also employs ideas which have made it useful and well-known throughout the ages.

The Art Of War by Sun Tzu is widely read even today.

What could have Sun Tzu written two and a half thousand years ago that could not only intrigue the people of today, but also urge them to apply it themselves?

Here are few of the ideas expanded upon in The Art Of War:

All war is based on deception.
Better to control than destroy.
Know yourself as well as the enemy.
Be flexible.
Allow the enemy to defeat itself.
Flows of information are important.
Observe different levels of abstraction.
Winning without fighting is best.
Use the strength of the enemy.

Sun Tzu employs an attitude of awareness and clarity which allows him to approach various subjects and successfully orchestrate/integrate them.

We can learn to use the concepts from The Art Of War in our everyday battles.


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